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The intent of this wiki is to improve collaborative efforts on technical and operational issues facing computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) with national or economic responsibility.

General Terms of Use

This wiki is subject to the terms of use set forth on the SEI website (see the “General Terms of Use” at These General Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein, address a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, user conduct, privacy, and intellectual property. Among other things, the General Terms of Use provide that

  • The SEI is not responsible for the content that is contributed by representatives from other organizations.
  • If you do not provide accurate registration information, or if you violate the terms of use at any time, the SEI has the right to terminate your account.
  • You are responsible for any content posted under your account and for keeping your password secure.
  • You cannot post inappropriate or malicious content, and the wiki administrators have the right to remove any content that is objectionable or violates the terms of use.
  • The SEI has the right to modify the terms of use at any time.
  • The SEI will not share the personal information associated with your account without your permission, unless required by law.

In addition to the General Terms of Use, the following terms apply to this restricted-access wiki:

  • Access will only be granted to authorized staff members within approved CSIRTs that have national or economic responsibility. Access is managed by CERT/CC staff, and as part of the authorization process, CERT/CC staff will contact the requester directly to validate identity. This direct human validation process is necessary to ensure that only authorized staff members within approved National CSIRTs are contributing content.
  • Individuals granted access to the National CSIRT wiki may add content, including pages and comments, within the defined areas.
  • Users are not authorized to share information posted on the wiki with anyone outside the National CSIRT community unless the individual who posted the content explicitly grants permission.

Requesting Access

The following is the process for obtaining access to the wiki:

  1. Send an email to requesting a wiki account.
    1. The email should contain the following text in the subject line: National CSIRT Wiki Access Request
    2. In the body of the email, include the following information about the requester:
      • first and last name (given name and surname)
      • organizational email address
      • telephone number
    3. Sign the email with a valid PGP signature from a trusted key belonging to the affiliated organization.
  2. After receiving the request, the wiki administrator will send an email acknowledging receipt of the email and will begin the verification process.
  3. Upon successful completion of the verification process, the wiki administrator will securely send the user the following information:
    1. the user account ID
    2. the temporary user account password
  4. Upon receiving the approval email, the user must perform two actions:
    1. Reply to the email as directed, indicating acceptance of the terms of use.
    2. Change the password associated with their account by following these steps:
      1. Log in to the wiki with the URL from the approval message.
      2. From your account drop down menu (located in the top right corner of the wiki task bar), select “Profile”.
      3. In the left column of the Profile page, select “Password”.
      4. Enter your current password in the space provided.
      5. Enter your new password in the second field.
      6. Confirm your new password in the third field.
      7. Look for a confirmation email from the wiki administrator stating that your password has been changed.

Account Responsibility

Users of this wiki assume personal responsibility for their computer accounts. All users should follow the best practices guidelines:

  1. When you receive your new account user name and password immediately change the password.
  2. Select a secure password, maintain the confidentiality of that password, and change the password regularly.
  3. If you believe that an unauthorized individual has used your account, change your password immediately and contact At that time, CERT/CC staff will
    1. immediately disable the existing account
    2. create a new account and securely email you your new account information

Code of Conduct

To promote a successful collaboration environment, users should follow the rules of conduct:

  1. Promote National CSIRT community teamwork.
  2. Respect other contribution(s).
  3. Be original and consider the laws of material that contains a copyright.
  4. When publishing another person's work, be sure to acknowledge their contribution.
  5. Contact the CERT/CC for additional guidance.

Getting Help

If you experience any technical difficulties accessing or using the National CSIRT collaboration wiki, or if you need any assistance processing a request, please contact the CERT/CC via email or telephone:


Telephone:  +1 412-268-7090

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